Increasing the effectiveness of adherence interventions may have a far greater impact on the health of the population than any improvement in specific medical treatment.



Generally 40 to 60 percent of patients fail to consume medications as prescribed. Failure of patients to properly take prescribed medications causes 30 to 50% of chronic disease treatment failures, and results in 125,000 deaths per year in the U.S.


Taking the right dose at the right time is commonly required for efficacy and safety.



In the vast number of standalone apps addressing this issue, there is no way to determine if the user had an actual interaction with the medicine
Additionally, with higher dependence on mobile devices, the alerts tend to get unnoticed due to the high volume of other notifications and the user’s low attention span.


The traditional containers don’t require any apps or additional devices, but they tend to be bulky and are prone to errors while filling each container with the right amount and combination of medicines.

Smart Boxes and Bottles

There are solutions that offer a combination of an app and connected dispenser.
Some of them are quite big and are not mobile, some require complex setup or interaction with another person.

The apps that come with the smaller mobile ones usually have a basic scheduling system, and the dispensers themselves don’t separate the pills in a way user can interact with the exactly right medicine.


Smart Pill Box

  • The circular dispenser has 4-8 modular medicine compartments, each holding one type of medicine.

  • Each of the compartments has a different light that turns on when the associated medicine needs to be taken. 

  • Sleek, portable design and long battery life. 

  • Small opening assures minimal possibility of spilling the medication.

  • The dispenser has a rotating top with a single sliding door that sends a signal once it’s been open above the right compartment, assuring that the action is done properly.

  • Temperature and humidity sensors ensuring perfect conditions for the medicine.

  • Almost no chance of taking the wrong medication.

  • Programmable light and sound notifications.

  • Works offline after the schedule is downloaded.

Smart Application

With the application, the user defines which medicine is in which compartment and the frequency in which they should be taken.

The app is learning from the user’s daily routine and is adapting the schedule accordingly.

Our smart medication database contains information about common use of a medication and potential dangers of taking it for too long or in combination with other meds.

The notification center allows your doctor or family members to follow your schedule.

The database also gives information to healthcare providers about usage of the and potential unforeseen complications due to mixing of different medication.



Young and middle-aged population with chronic conditions that require long treatment.


Tech savvy people, who take medication or food supplements in the form of a pill on a daily basis


Billions of Yearly Losses

  • Up to 300B of avoidable health care costs have been attributed to nonadherence in the US annually

  • US market value of 680M

  • European and Asian market constantly increasing


B2C & B2B

  • Online box sales & free application
  • Healthcare providers, Insurance & Pharmaceutical
  • Target device price of 100$


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